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About Us . Borderless Morocco Tours

Hassan Ouadirou

About Us

Borderless Morocco Tours creates custom itineraries for each guest allowing them to experience a unique side of Morocco. Everything, from your arrival in Morocco to your departure, is meticulously planned to cater to your preferences. No need to worry!

This includes:

  • Private transportation and journey guide
  • Accommodation in hotels or riads based on your preferences
  • Planning of recreational activities (hiking, trekking, biking…)

With more than six years of experience working in the Moroccan tourism industry, local entrepreneur and owner of Borderless Morocco Tours Hassan Ouadirrou works alongside his team of professional guides in order to promote an eco-friendly travelling and exploration experience. With their extensive knowledge of the region and their nomadic origins, they provide guests with a unique appreciation of their destination through authentic local experiences. About Us

Our guides, or travel advisors as we like to call them, are carefully selected and we only collaborate with guides born in Morocco.  Our travel advisors possess a unique knowledge of the region and, because of their nomadic heritage, they are capable of providing guests with a unique appreciation of Morocco through genuine local experiences. About Us

The hotels and riads that Borderless Morocco Tours selects are highly rated and known for their quality service.  Each hotel and riad is carefully chosen in accordance with your preferences and booked only after your approval. About Us



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